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Hundred Acre Wood Class - EYFS & KS1

Rather than writing something ourselves, we simply asked our pupils and here’s what they genuinely said about their classes and teachers!

Hundred Acre Wood – EYFS and KS1

What do you like doing at school?

‘I love reading, phonics and science (as we pass around the materials)’ – Kenza (aged 5)

‘I love having a big field to run around in and I like studying chemicals in science’  – Reuben (aged 6, ‘But I’m almost 7!’)

‘I love to do Spagmonster’ – Jack (aged 6)

‘I enjoy maths because it is fun’ – Stanley (aged 6)

‘I enjoy playing with my friends’ – Angela (aged 5)

‘I love lunch’ – Joel (aged 6)

What are your teachers like?

‘She’s tall, kind and the best’ – Kenza (aged 5)

‘Cool’ – Stanley (aged 6)

‘I love my teachers’ – Teddi (aged 5)

‘They are kind and thoughtful’ – Reuben (aged 6, ‘But I’m almost 7’)