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Farthing Wood Class - KS2

Rather than writing something ourselves, we simply asked our pupils and here’s what they genuinely said about their classes and teachers!

Farthing Wood – KS2

What do you like doing at school?

‘I really enjoy studying science, especially electric art because we got to create a circuit to light a bulb which was in our painting of the school logo. I love my class because we always have fun when we learn and are always supported’ – Maisie (aged 11)

‘I enjoy studying maths, English and art because I’ve been challenged, and it is fun. My class always listens, and no-one bullies me as they are kind’ – Ella (aged 7)

‘I’ve enjoyed learning maths most this year because the teachers make it interesting and funny. Our class is great as we are one big family’ – Hannah (aged 9, ‘Today – it’s my birthday!’)

What are your teachers like?

‘Funny, supportive, strict but kind’ – Maisie (aged 11)

‘Funny, kind, generous and caring’ (Ella (aged 7)

‘Kind and always there for me – she’s always encouraging’ – Hannah (aged 9, ‘Today – it’s my birthday!’)