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Phonics and Spelling

Foundation and Key Stage 1

In foundation/Key Stage 1 we follow the RWI (ReadWriteInc) programme of synthetic phonics.  Phonics is taught as a daily discrete session and embedded across the curriculum.  Children are taught the forty-two letter sounds of English and how to blend them to read and write words.

English & Reading Curriculum: We have adapted Literacy Tree Planning to our school structure & setting. 

What is Literacy Tree?

Literacy Tree is a complete, book-based platform for primary schools that covers all requirements of the Primary English curriculum. It can be used as a complete scheme of work or adopted and adapted to suit the needs of your school, academy or trust. The books we choose help children to grow ideas and expand their minds. We only choose significant and important children's literature to create our book-based resources.
It starts at the roots. We provide book-based planning sequences, Writing Roots, which embed complete curriculum coverage and engage children to write with clear audience and purpose. Our Teach Through a Text pedagogy is the backbone of each sequence.
We sow a seed with Spelling Seeds. We provide a sequence for teaching spelling and vocabulary in context, through investigation and at the point of application. Spelling Seeds complement Writing Roots and use the same texts to provide further short writing opportunities.
We grow literary knowledge through Literary LeavesWe provide a range of sequenced activities that take children through whole books to teach reading comprehension and create critical readers. Literary Leaves use novels, poetry collections and high-quality, non-fiction books that connect to the Writing Roots through Literary Themes.

Our Adapted KS2 Plans linked to our topics: